Who We Are

Asia Public Relations Sdn Bhd (Asia PR) is an independent public relations, public affairs and strategic communications company.


Asia PR also operates internationally through associate public relations and public affairs companies in the UK, US, India and Australia.


At Asia PR, public relations campaigns are prepared with a logical sequence, research and analysis, followed by planning and strategy, management and implementation and finally evaluation and refinement. To meet pre-set objectives, various PR techniques are employed including;

  1. General Counselling – to help a client understand the media environment besides drawing up effective communications programmes;
  2. Media Relations – to generate positive editorial coverage in print and electronic media for a client through news releases, photo stories, feature articles, news conferences, interviews and talk shows.
  3. Market Support – assisting in new product of service introductions, product publicity, consumer trade and dealer communications and sales force communications.
  4. Special Events – management of special events such as launchings, plant openings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and community projects.
  5. Editorial Services – research and preparation of speeches, conference papers and other oral and written presentations.
  6. Financial Relations – communications advice on the investing public , liaison with financial media, annual and interim reports, corporate fact books, communications aspects or mergers and acquisition, organisation of investment presentations.
  7. Strategic Communications – strategically managing corporate public images and guiding corporations in the overall business environment.
  8. Training – we train corporate communications’ units, their personnel, their heads, senior management personnel and even CEOs on communications and media engagement and a host of other topics in technical, academic, theoretical and practical environments.

Asia PR Team:

The consultancy is headed by its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Siva Kumar G who is a journalist by discipline and training from the United Kingdom and Australia. He is also an author and a strategist for the government and his last tour of duty was as Chief Operating Office and Editor in Chief of The Eastern Times in Kuching, Sarawak.


Asia PR is composed of team with diversified professional background such as mass communications, journalism, event management, research, political analysts and operations.


Servicing the clients are;

  1. Khabirudeen Pulaver – Senior PR Executive,
  2. Homery Sylvester Pungga – Senior PR Executive
  3. Nicholas Nathan – PR Executive (media liaison)

At Editorial Services, we have Haji Aziz Malim and Zainal Epi while over at client administration and operations is Krishna Kumar.


ASIA PR has a reputation that goes back 20 years and it has rejuvenated itself over the years and has now undergone a metamorphosis to keep abreast of the changing times, technologies and psychologies involved in keeping with current PR practices.