Is there really a need for PR?

Yes, of course if you want to bolster your ideas and image. PR is more effective that outright advertising.

Can’t we do it ourselves?

Everyone can lay bricks and build a wall, but the expert bricklayer does it faster and better.

How good is your networking among the media?

Very good. Most media practitioners are our contemporaries. With 32 years in the media , you kind of know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where it should be done,  why it should be done in a particular way and who should do it.

What make Asia PR different from the others?

Not many PR firms can boast a 20-year history. We have handled all kinds of situations both in the private and government sector.

What makes a PR firm different from our own corporate communications team?

Corporate communications gets involved in the details of day to day communications and events. PR looks at the issues and the macro aspect of what best to be done to broker an issue.

Is PR expensive?

You always pay more for a specialist when compared to a GP.  We are the specialists and we cost less that placing full blown ads in the media.

How big is your team at Asia PR?

We have a staff strength of 20 including a team of five in Kuching to cover East Malaysia. We have writers on board, media liaison, researchers and online communications personnel besides our field executives and assistants.

Do you cover international clientele and how far is your reach?

We can tackle issues just about anywhere as we have partner consultants who can be engaged in leading Asian cities, UK and US.

Can you do advertising, media planning and events as well?

Most clients want a one-stop agency.  We can not only handle what you have described but also video news releases, photography, online editing to name a few. These are peripheral services on top of what we specialise in and that’s PR.

What’s this about covert PR?

Different issues have to be tackled differently. Besides conventional PR which every agency in town does, Asia PR handles covert PR and this can only be done with experienced hands on board which we have. Covert PR is creating an issue relating to our client without involving our client.

Is covert PR effective?

Quite certainly. If the politician says he is good, nobody believes him. But if someone of credibility says the politician is good, the audience listens. If we exploit and explain an issue to prove that the politician is good, the audience is convinced.

Has there ever been bad PR moves?

In most cases PR can go wrong if not handled professionally. Not everyone can do PR and do it in the name of just sending out press releases and organizing press conferences. You must have the experience to advise clients how to avoid bad PR. We, at Asia PR have that experience.

What is it about PR that we do not know?

PR also involves image building not just of an agency, company or government but also the personalities leading such organisations.  We provide specialised training. We even scout for talent best suited to fit into an image we want to create for a client.

How do we engage a PR firm like Asia PR?

Be prepared for a monthly consultancy fee. It may cost less that the overhead and operating costs of a corporate communications department. The fee is for the advice and professional consultancy provided plus the standard media networking practices which are covered.

Anything outside the organizing and advisory capacity is treated as third party costs.

For further information visit our website www.asia-pr.com